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    • lifetime warranty on zirconium

    • zirconium blanks Copran  Zr® „Made in Germany“
       manufactured in Germany

    • exclusively made from raw materials of Tosoh / Japan,
       world market leader for zirconium dioxides

    • continuous research and development of innovative

    • wide variety of products as zirconium blanks in
       high strength natural white, precolored in classic 
       Vita shades, high translucency and extreme translucency

    • zirconium coloring liquids in 16 classic shades and  
       painting liquids in effect shades, margin shades and 
       classic dentin shades       

    • blanks in chrome-cobalt, titanium grade 2, 4 and grade 5, 
       CE certified PA blanks in clear for splints and dentin shades
       for "unbreakable" restorations.     

    • CAD/CAM systems, CNC machines, scanners, CAD and
       CAM software 

    • We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485, 
        home 0483 and USA-FDA Registration Number: 3009409473



3M and Whitepeaks settle dental ceramics colouring patent suit

Essen, Germany – December 10, 2014

Whitepeaks announces today that they have settled a patent infringement lawsuit in Germany, involving technology that
enables the colouring of ceramic-based dental restorations.
As a result of the settlement, Whitepeaks will license this
patented technology from 3M.

Link to 3M





     Registered Establishment Number: 3009409473

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our zirconium blanks come with a lifetime warranty

home„Made in Germany“

Due to the exclusive use of very fine, spray granulated raw material from
Tosoh / Japan – the world leader for zirconium dioxides - we are able to
offer a lifetime warranty for our zirconium products.

Copran Zr-i blanks are isostatically manufactured.

  New products

   CopraSintec K dental sinter metal soft metal soft NP blank

  CopraSintec K - the new freedom

   Co/Cr argon-sintering-alloy in 98mm Ø for your desktop milling system.  more...

   Calidia Sintec 660 - argon alloy sintering furnance  more....

   Calidia 5x and 7x- state of the art, 5-axis CNC milling maschines  more.... 

   Copran Symphony - multilayer translucent zirconium blanks   more....  

   CopraPretty - translucent zirconium blanks 95mm ø specially for system M3 / M4  more....

   CopraModel-base and CopraModel-die  -  blanks for models, milling   more...

   Copra-Al   -   blanks made ​​of aluminum alloy for testing purposes more.... 

   CopraWood - natural wood for phantastic objects of your imagination more...

   CALIDIA LightRay Evo 360 - dental scanner of the latest generation  more....  

   CopraDur - the unbreakable dental material for splints,temporary
                     and long time restorations
!  more....