Competence is in the details

Our employees are ready to assist you in word and deed. Whether by phone or by Email – your request will be answered immediately. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Oliver Puckert
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Master Dental Technician/
Medical Devices Consultant

phone +49-281-206458-0
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=trekcup.o

Stefan Lehmann
Export Manager

Dental Technician/
Medical Devices Consultant

phone +49-281-206458-0
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=nnamhel.s

sabrina huelsermann

Sabrina Hülsermann
Assistant to the CEO

phone +49-281-206458-12
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=nnamresleuh.s


Franziska Siedler

phone +49-281-206458-20
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=reldeis.f


Lena Echelmeyer

phone +49-281-206458-22
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=reyemlehce.l

l schott

Lea Schott
Sales USA

phone +49-281-206458-22
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=ttohcs.l

Heike Pickmann
Manager Quality Management

phone +49-281-206458-16
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=nnamkcip.h

Sabine Puckert
Quality Management

phone +49-281-206458-17
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=trekcup.s

Daniel Puckert

phone +49-281-206458-0
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=trekcup.d

Michael Puckert
Manager Production/Development

Dental Technician/Medical Devices Consultant

phone +49-281-206458-0
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=trekcup.m

Erika Günther

phone +49-281-206458-15
email: ed.latned-skaep-etihw=ta=rehtneug.e