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TA-Space Wood PMMA wood blank

PMMA stabilised coloured wood. The special aesthetic porosity of the wood leades to holes during milling which can be filled after milling. Larger holes are filled with a mixture of wood dust (milling dust or sand paper made dust) and clear acrylic (PMMA clear and monomer), smaller porosities are filled with wood dust and superglue (cyanoacrylate).
The product can be finished like PMMA and is available in the seven colours: clear nature, pitch black (black), green-yellow, clear blue (blue), red yellowturquoise green, clear red (red-brown).


TA-Space Wood PMMA stabilised wood 98mm Ø with step VPE
Wood blank 98 Ø x 15 mm with step 1
Wood blank 98 Ø x 20 mm with step 1
Wood blank 98 Ø x 25 mm with step 1


TA-Space Wood* Blanks aus Holz

We exclusively use selected, long seasoned and free of cracks wood for our blanks. Colour and grain are affected by the natural growth of the tree and therefore individually different. The illustrations in our catalogue or on our website can therefore only reflect exemplary the colour and grain of each wood species. Each blank will look different in colour and grain.

Applications are: jewellery, decorative items, ornamentations, prototyping, modeling etc.

For milling the wood blanks, please use the same tools as for the milling of pre-sintered zirconium blanks.


*TA-Space Wood is no medical device


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