Calidia | WP1 5-Axis CNC-Milling

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5-Achs CNC-Fräse

5-Achs CNC-Fräse


Calidia | WP1

“State Of The Art“ 5-axis simultaneous CNC-milling machine for wet and dry milling of all materials. High dynamic, vibration free performance and very short milling times are combined with comfortable touch screen operation at a big monitor. The machine also features an integrated HEPA H filter suction system and high power liquid cooling equipment.

Design your own machine. Due to the full glass-housing there are no limits to your imagination.



All axis come with absolute measuring system
Gantry design for X,Y and Z axis with 2 closed-loop motors per axis
Optimum support of the machining forces due to maximum distance of guidelines
High dynamic and positioning precision due to controlled high power drive technology

X-Y-Z axis feature maintenance free, fully gaiter capsuled ball screws
A- and B axis with high precision, zero backlash gear
Spindle load control with adaptive feed rate reduction


Tool station 15 places
Traversing range X-axis 250 mm | Y-axis 230 mm | Z-axis 135 mm
Swivel range A-axis ± 26 ° | B-axis ± 360 °


Spindle cooling system with sealing air
Illumination of working area by 2 glare-free flat luminaires
Adjustable levelling machine feet


Spindle NSK BG 40
4,0mm Ø shaft
Spindle rpm: 4.000 – 42.000
(optional: 6.000 – 60.000 rpm)


Spindle NSK BG 50
4,0mm or 6,0 mm Ø shaft
Spindle rpm 3.000 – 30.000
(optional 10.000 rpm with 3-times higher torque)


Size 1950 x 780 x 765 mm
Weight about 650 Kg
Operating voltage 230V, 50Hz
Connected load 2 KVA
Air pressure 6 ± 0,5 bar