7. marzo 2018

3D escáner dental UHD

<< La traducción vendrá pronto. >>   DOF Freedom UHD   Ultra High-Definition Resolution The All-New Freedom UHD scanner is a premium 3D scanner with powerful Ultra High-Definition (UHD) resolution and DOF’s patented Stable Scan Stage (SSS) technology. 5.0MP cameras of the Freedom UHD provides data with the sharpest margin lines. Articulator Compatibility Freedom UHD […]

5. mayo 2017

Whitepeaks Produktkatalog 2017

Whitepeaks catálogo de productos 2017 Klicken Sie auf den unteren Button, um den Inhalt von www.yumpu.com zu laden. Inhalt laden

9. septiembre 2016

Sintering Furnace for Cobalt-Chromium

<< La traducción vendrá pronto. >>   LT 02/13 CR | Sintering Furnace for Cobalt-Chromium   The sintering furnace LT 02/13 CR is perfectly suited for sintering of cobalt-chromium restorations. The milt objects are placed in a special sintering tray and will be sinterd under argon. The specific design in combination with sintering pearls provides for good […]

14. abril 2016

Workshop with Bill Marais, DTG

<< La traducción vendrá pronto. >>     Jordan 2016, organized by Amin Hassouneh, SDL Workshop  from 24.-27.04.2016 with Bill Marais, DTG using translucent zirconium Monolith HT and Copran Monolith Color PaintOn colouring liquids from Whitepeaks Dental Solutions! Have a great time!