Whitepeaks Dental Solutions is one of the leading companies in development and production of dental materials. With a small team of specialised craftsmen and a lot of manual work we manufacture our…

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High-end dental CAD/CAM products – hand crafted with passion and care

Our team does not turn out mass products as a dental by-product of a large-scale production plant. We are not an industrial production facility in the hands of several investors or controlling stockholders. We exclusively manufacture dental quality products in manual single-item production in our family owned, traditional company.

Every product runs through its various production stages in hand work and under constant personal quality control. By this permanent proximity of our employees to the product we can guarantee our extraordinary quality. As a genuine producer, we are proud to truly manufacture our products in Germany, simply:

„Made in Germany“ at its best!

We regard continuous research and development as our daily challenge. This is underlined by the fact, that our products are certified according to the highest standards. ( CE 0483, DIN EN ISO 13485, USA FDA and other certifications worldwide)

Competent and qualified employees from the dental field, master dental technicians, dental technicians and medical device consultants develop the optimal solutions together with you, especially tailored for your business and requirements.

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Location Ruhr area

Whitepeaks Dental Solutions is a sole owner managed company based in the Ruhr area, a traditional region in the North-West of Germany.

In the past the Ruhr area was famous for coal mining and heavy industries, as well as by iron- and steel production. As industrial location the area became the biggest center of industry in Germany and one of the most powerful economic regions in Europe.

Long ago however a continuous structural change has taken place in consequence of the declining mining industry. From the former „Coalpit“ the area has meanwhile developed into a region in which many new companies of the high technology and science sector found their homes.

In the midst of impressive industrial heritage, top-class cultural events and exceptional leisure time facilities a region has developed, that skilfully combines both – tradition and modern spirit.

What has remained are the people, who represent a very special mixture of down-to-earth-, cosmopolitan- and outgoing mentality. People in the Ruhr area have their heart in the right place.

Tradition and modernity – this motto applies especially to us.

We combine traditional values as highest quality, consciousness, responsibility and trustful cooperation with the permanent development of new and innovative products for our clients in the fast changing high-tech market of dental CAD/CAM products.

One of our core competencies is the production of zirconia blanks with a lifetime guarantee.

For the production of our zirconia products we use the extremely fine, spray granulated raw materials of Tosoh company, the world market leader in zirconia.

Whitepeaks Dental Solutions stands for environmental friendly and sustainable production principles. In our new production facility all required electrical energy is generated by our own photovoltaic solar power plant. The waste heat of sintering is used to heat the building.

We are happy to show you around our production facility during a visit.

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