The company Whitepeaks Dental Solutions is still growing.
Our new company building in 46499 Hamminkeln Germany is under construction and will be ready to move into summer 2022.



On 4500 square meters (48.500 sq ft) of land a 1900 square meter (20.500 sq ft) building is being constructed. Sales department, research and development and the complete production finally will be combined under one roof. The long harboured dream of our modern education and training centre will come true. For active climate protection we insulated the complete foundation against the soil and put in 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) of tubing into the concrete. With warm water regenerated from the waste heat of zirconia sintering we will be able heat the complete building in winter.

ISO? Of course, in all respects

We do not only produce according to the DIN EN ISO 13485 standards, the isolation of the complete building is extreme. 150mm (5.9 inches) for the walls and 180mm (7.1 inches) for the roof are state of the art. Minimum heat loss in winter, fresh and cool in the summer.



The complete building is constructed from untreated, natural wood. From the roof beams to the wall panelling we created a contaminant-free environment. The pond in the inner courtyard provides cooling water for the hydraulic presses and other equipment in need of water cooling, using pipe coil heat exchangers.


This will be the entrance hall with a little product exhibition and waiting lounge area.


With nature – within nature

On the complete roof of our building a photovoltaic system is being installed, generating more electrical power than the complete production site will need. Our goal: minimum power consumption, maximum eco friendliness.

The location in Hamminkeln has many advantages. Enclosed in beautiful nature surroundings and still close enough to a highway you have easy access to the metropolitan area of the Ruhr region.