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Make use of absolute professional equipment, to present your dental restorations in an excellent way. The book “Dental Photography – Shoot like Pro” is
available as beautiful illustrated hard cover book or DVD. All products shown on this page are designed by the reputable photograph Milos Miladinov,
an absolute expert and professional in the area of dental photography.

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1. hardback edition  Dental Photography ” Shoot like a Pro”
article no. DP-book
price: 99,99 €*

Book Dental Photography

Shoot like a pro came to life from the desire to help others make fast improvements in dental photography. It contains 118 pages
of practical advices and it will be more than just a simple photography guide for you. It will be also inspiration and desire because
it is focused on high quality results achieved easily. You can learn how to make intraoral, close-up, protrait or laboratory  photos.
This book explains in a simple way how to make professional results with minimum change of settings. Also, for those who just
want to start with dental photography, advices about recommended equipment are inserted.

Enjoy !



2. close-up reflector
article no. DP-Close-up
price: 25,00 €*

Round lens reflector 30 cm diameter is used mainly for close-up in dental photography.

The biggest advantage is that you only need one flash to take these great photos.



3. cheek retractor
article no. DP-Cheek
price: 15,00 €*

Cheek Retractor

This is the perfect tool for retracting cheeks and lips when shooting intra-oral.
Wide parts are used for frontal shots, narrow part is used for lateral shots without even using a mirror.

The retractor can be placed easily. Durable when using cold sterilisation types.


4. DVD “Shoot like a pro”
article no. DP-DVD
price: 99,99 €*
DVD Dental Photography



5. Twin flash soft box diffuser
article no. DP-Twin
price: 35,00 €*

Twin Soft Box

Twin flash soft box diffuser 15cm/17cm
Kit includes 2 pieces, 2 soft box 15cm/17cm.




6. Polo shirt Men size M
article no. DP-Shirt-Men
price: 39,99 €*

T-Shirt Men


7. Polo shirt Women sizes S, M
article no. DP-Shirt-Women
price: 39,99 €*

T-Shirt Women

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