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CAD Software exocad® DentalCAD*

The exocad® DentalCAD* software is one of the most developed construction software packages in the dental CAD sector. From the management of the workflow to the preparation and construction of the restoration this software offers a high-end complete solution for the dental technician. The new „multi tool interface“ sets a new standard in 3-D modelling.

Broad range of indications
Already in the basic version the exocad® software covers a broad range of indications. This makes it an attractive choice for CAD experts, as well as for newcomers.

The basic version consists of:
● fully anatomical crown- and bridge pontics
● veneer crown- and bridge pontics
● inlays, onlays and veneers
● digital processing and transfer of a waxup
● primary telescopes

optional modules:

implant module
The exocad® implant module is an extension module for your basic version. With this module you can construct individual abutments and srew-retained bridges. This exocad® module already contains the databases of Zfx and nt-trading. The creation of individual abutments is uncomplicated and easy to learn.

bar module
Crown-, bridge- and bar constructions can be realised easily with this extension module. With the integrated screw channel designer the construction is arranged in a way, that the later ceramic coating is facilitated and the risk of cracks is minmised.

virtual articulator model
This extension module allows the user to set the models in a dynamic occlusion and to adjust the horizontal inclination of condylar guidance, the Bennett ancle and the sideways motion. The positioning of the plaster model can be transfered into the virtual articulator and thus be adapted individually to the data of the patient.

bite splint module
With the bite splint module, different therapeutic splints can be designed quick and easy.

truSmile module
Provides nearly photo-realistic rendered pictures of dental restorations – a brilliant marketing tool for dentists and technicians to visualize restorations for the patient.

DICOM viewer module
Visualization of xocel data from CT machines during the design process to help dentists and technicians in planning complex restorations, for example implants


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CALIDIA Frässystem White CAM 5.0     The easy way to independence !

The White CAM 5.0 is a newly developed software to power your new or already existing milling system.

All advantages a a glance:

  • extremely fast calculation times (below 2 min for a bridge of 14 pontics)
  • contour-parallel milling paths provide an optimal surface quality
  • uninterrupted milling – preserves burs and machine
  • postprocessors for your machine are existing or can be developed
  • CAM solutions for 3, 4 and 5 axis machines
  • display of the milling tracks in 3D incl. milling track simulation
  • hight optimisation is calculated automatically or adjusted by mouse click
  • loading & data management from data entry to the final milling result
  • automatic assignment of an individual code number for backtracing
  • archive the blanks incl. size, material name, customer,patient, blank number, lot number, etc.
  • rotating, shifting, applying of holding bars and sintering supports easy by mouse click
  • individual height setting of holding bars per unit during the placement
  • easiest placement of the blanks due to drag´n drop and file preview
  • patient information can be recognised directly from the scan file

Do you own a closed milling system? Discover the way to a new freedom with White Cam 5.0. We offer the possibility of a free online demonstration of our software. Contact us to make an appointment or to downlaod a demo version.

Aditionally we offer the possibility to conduct a test milling with our software on your milling machine. Like this you can judge the quality of our software on the basis of the milled framework.